Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hoorah My new range is out !

Hooray its finally happening my new range is up on my etsy site
please go and have a look. I'm extremely proud to say these are made by the artist me and not made in china .Thank you all for your support this has been alot of blood,sweat and tears
Artists for Integrity unite !
Artists protect your art !
Dont you just adore the black Belle faux Antique photo case the detail blows my mind

Faux Antique photo case Belle in black and white

This is just a sample of what you can do with these wonderful cases

Faux Antique Cherub photo cases kit in black or white

Faux Book covers or use for mixed media set of 4 black or white
faux ornate frames in gold or white to paint and make you own colour choice

cherub faux book cover

This is my new Green transparent book cover

This is a sample of what can be done with this case front Belle

Antique Faux Ornate 1 photo case

available in white of black

Lady Faux Antique photo case

Antique Faux Ornate 2 photo case
Faux Ornate frame small in gold set of 4

Faux Antique picture frames

set of 4 in white and gold

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My new Range

My new range of Resin Products is making me all Gar gar Im thrilled with the details.
I will be advertising them and Prices Next week.
To say this has been a dream of mine is a understatement.These are made by the artist not mass produced in china,they quality is amazing.
Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years .
Artists with Integrity Unite.
Original artists dont copy other artists

Friday, January 19, 2018

My Faux Daguerreotype case

So excited to be teach this soon My Faux Daguerreotype case, I will be teaching the process on how to mold and make this beauty.Im teaching it also which is exciting at a old photo studio so they can put there Daguerreotype they make in side the case.
Recently I have had inquiries to sell them at a old studio place in America also.All this hard work has paid off.
 This has been years and years of refining this case and project to teach and sell,I don't have the opportunity of having my own line,but if anyone wants to buy them contact me . Xx

So Excited  after all these years it came together

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

CJS 2018 Today

Hi Everyone
 Im featured today on Creative Jump Start 2018 still time to join the fun Here is my project below.
Metal etched Book Using one of Natalie Kalbachs amazing stamps,it etched devine.
Welcome to Creative JumpStart Jen!!!
Jen Crossley and I have met a couple times when she came to the States and we taught at the same events. The first time I visited her during one of her classes I was totally intrigued – working with metal, chemicals, found objects-sooo amazing.
Check out her stunning video on how to etch metal!
click here

Here is the front of the metal etched book I used one of Natalie Kalbach Yummy stamps


Monday, January 8, 2018

Im molding !!!

Having fun with resin molding,I adore the detail  you can pick up with this.
Here is a old daguerreotype frame. Im so pleased with the results.I having been working on this since 2008 its getting there researching resins etc
Check it out xx

Enjoy creating this new year xx

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018

Happy 2018 everyone,may it bring you all much happiness,laughter and Health. I look forward to sharing more of my creative journey with you all.
Love Jen xx

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sale and save now

Creative Jumpstart 2018 SALE!

31 artists, 31 downloadable videos, more than 5 hours of video lessons, tips & techniques to JUMP START your creativity in 2018! And I'm one of the featured artists!

Normally $50, this is ON SALE until 12/31/17 11:59PM EST for only $45!!

Click on this link this is a bargain

I'm teaching metal etching

Sneek peek of my project shhhhhhhhhh
Normally $50, this is ON SALE until 12/31/17 11:59PM EST for only $45!!
Click on this link this is a bargain
I'm teaching metal etching

Friday, December 15, 2017

Virginia Beach Art n Soul 2018

YEAH !!!!! Im back teaching at Virginia Beach 0ctober 2018.
Looking forward to catching up with Students,friends and Teachers,I havent been here for a few years now ,so come and join the fun,I have missed you all
 Click on the link below to check out the amazing Classes that are available, Book in Quick tell your
partners its a ideal Christmas present for the person who has everything expect Jen Crossleys Aussie accent lol
Art n Soul retreat   
click above Link xx

The girl with the Tool is back !!!!
Jen crossley Classes

Mini Bee Book night Class

 Metal Etched books

Secret locket with mini book

The Famous Camera Book Class

Castaway resin Book

Studio Necklace


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Found Object art

 I thought I would share with you what I have been making found object jewellery again,it is a passion.And lets face it we keep goodies all the time,Im saving that piece for a special project
we My new saying is use it now what am I waiting for Life is too short.And I cant keep them all LOL
The above piece is for sale $170 plus postage

This piece sold very quickly I love how it turned out.I have always been one for numbers.The date was a piece I bought from England.Do you believe that was someones favorite number ! and its hers now lol.

                                   Mother of pearl always adds a beautiful touch to any piece.

Been enjoying doing my own chains and playing with beads.I have always struggled with chains,
I can always do a focal point but Im learning you can teach a old dog new tricks.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Creative Jump Start 2018


Jen Crossley is an Australian mixed-media artist and highly sought after instructor. Her art is truly unique, incorporating found objects, vintage ephemera, etched metal, resin, and more. With a true eye for detail and the ability to see past a rusty bit of metal, Jen is able to create assemblage pieces, tiny books, and stunning jewelry from this assortment of pieces she collects.
In her own words…“Teaching is my passion. I have been doing it now for 19 years, thirteen of which have been spent teaching mixed media techniques. Six years ago I achieved my dream of teaching in the United States, and have gone on to teach at art retreats such as the CREATE Mixed Media Retreat, Art Is You, Art & Soul, Artiscape, and Vivi Magoo’s Art Retreat at The Prairie. Over this time I have featured in many magazines including Somerset Studio, BelleAmore Jewelry, Cloth Paper Scissors, and Australian Stamping and Papercraft. In literature, I was featured in ‘The Guilded Journey’ by Anne Freund and Cynthia Shaffer, and was chosen one of only three Australian artists to feature in Seth Apter’s book ‘The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed’.”
“Recently, I was asked to film four DVD’s for Cloth Paper Scissors featuring my more popular classes. I have also instructed for many additional webinars and online classes, and served on the ICE Resin design team for two years which also involved many online demonstrations of my techniques. I’ve been praised for appealing to both beginners and advanced students, giving clear and concise instructions, and making techniques look easy which in turn, provides my students with the confidence to go forward in their creative processes.”
Click here to register for my class please xx

You get 31 DOWNLOADABLE videos for $50 (USD). It’s a great value – at only $1.61 per video it’s a collection of tutorials that you can keep forever, over 6 hours of unique content!
How does it work? Each day throughout the month of January, a new video will post in the online classroom. Watch all the videos and download and and all of them! Participate in the classroom comments, ask questions and post comments, show and share your interpretation of the projects to get the most from the CJS community. There will be exclusive giveaway events, access to project supply lists, and additional special features to inspire you. The classroom will be open until the middle of November 2018 and the videos can be downloaded in the classroom and then kept forever!